The Right Meat For Low Carb Ketogenic Diets

If you have decided to go low carb to nutritionally treat your prediabetes or diabetes, you are on the right track!  Low carb is the way to go!  Eating more animal protein and fat with vegetables is one way some people eat low carb.  But, any type of meat is not recommended to eat!   Standard beef in the US is part of the Agri-Industry production process that is not the ideal method of preparing cow meat.

When a cow eats grass, from birth to death, its natural food that it evolved to eat, digest and process, its fat is extremely high in omega-3 essential oils and has less saturated fat in it.  It is hormone free, antibiotic free, GMO-free and there are less calories in the meat.  It has more nutrients in it, too.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of meat sold in the US is not this type of meat.

Most beef in the US, though may start out living on a ranch and eating grass for the first six months is then sent to a feedlot for “finishing”.  A CAFO, or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation, removes the cow from it’s mom, a heart-breaking event for both of them, and from nature and takes it to an area where it is crowded in with 30,000 or more other cows.   Instead of eating grass it is fed GMO corn feed, and is dosed with growth hormone and estrogens to help “marble” the fat. As a result of being fed the corn, which is not natural food for the cow, as cows have not evolved to eat it, terrible stomach irritation occurs, they bloat horribly and it can damage their livers.  They are likely also to get sick, so antibiotics are fed to them, very strong, toxic ones, not even allowed to be fed to dairy cows.  The estrogens, corn and antibiotics all help the cow gain quick weight, too.  On top of all that, these CAFO cows are forced to stand around in, and sleep in, cow feces all the time.

Eating the grain turns significantly increases the fat content of the cow, lowers the Omega-3 levels and increases the saturated fat levels.  As a result, the meat has higher calories as well, and less nutrients. How much higher calories? If you eat the typical amount of beef a year, 66.5 lbs, switching to lean grassfed beef will save you 17,733 calories a year!  That equals a loss of 5 lbs on it’s own!  Omega-3 oils can help reduce insulin resistance and inflammation, so having less in the meat may be a problem.  Grass fed cattle is also very high in conjugated linoleic acid; 3-5x more than grain fed cattle, and is higher in Vitamin E, too, a great antioxidant.  It contains hormones and antibiotic residues.

Therefore, the healthier meat to eat is organic, grass fed, grass finished beef. This means the cow was solely raised on pasture land, and no GMO corn was fed to the cow.  It was never fed antibiotics, or any hormones.  The meat contains all the good natural fat.  This meat is more expensive, but it can be purchased from farmer markets, stores selling healthy foods, and from the ranchers themselves, to help lower the cost.  You can use this website— –to find ranchers near you that raise this kind of beef (and pork, lamb, poultry) and order directly from them.

Remember to also ensure that other meat products such as deli meats, sausages, bacons are all made from this high quality, more humane and healthier type of meat, as well.


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    A lot of folks still don’t eat enough nutrient-rich foods from key groups including veggies, fruits, whole grains
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