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There are nearly 30 million people with diabetes in the US, and nearly 90 million people with pre-diabetes. That means that 1 out of every 3 people in the US have pre-diabetes or diabetes. World-wide, there are 300 million people with diabetes, and all these statistics are growing. Economically, the US spent $245 billion in 2012 on direct and indirect costs of diabetes. This was a 41% increase in expenditure e 2007.

Most patients with diabetes are not well controlled. Conventional care focuses on medications. For Type 1 diabetic patients, insulin is a life-saving treatment, though due to lack of dietary advice and improper education as how to cover meals, many T1DM patients are not controlled and have highs and lows throughout the day. For Type 2 diabetic patients, their disease is insulin resistance, but most medications for Type 2 diabetes do not address that, and instead force cells to absorb glucose, oftentimes worsening the innate diabetes. That is why T2DM patients need one oral medication, and then need two, and then three, and then need insulin, throughout the years, due to chronic poor control of their diabetes.

As a result of diabetic patients having poor control, there is a significant risk of premature death from either a heart attack or stroke. Poorly controlled diabetic patients also suffer from serious complications to nerves, eyes and kidneys.

Dr. Mona Morstein founded the LCDA to provide an avenue for educating as many people world-wide as possible on how to prevent diabetes and successfully treat it using comprehensive integrative care. Integrative medical care means the patient is focused on, the doctor/patient relationship is enhanced, and the patient is analyzed for physical, environmental, mental, emotional, social and spiritual imbalances that may be etiological factors for their health condition. Synonyms for this type of medicine include alternative and complementary, but integrative is now the favored term. Naturopathic medicine innately has been the field of medicine that has always been integrative, and now other fields of medicine are following. Integrative medicine advocates for the appropriate mixing of alternative with conventional medical care.

As a result of its integrative approach, the LCDA focuses on “The Eight Essentials”: diet, exercise, sleep, stress management, healing the gut, detoxification, supplementation and medication. All of these categories have been shown scientifically to be an etiological factor in diabetes and/or a way to help treat it successfully, reducing the need for medications.

The LCDA is the only organization related to diabetes focused on educating people about integrative medicine.

A wonderful, committed and passionate group of physicians and researchers have joined the LCDA to help promote our message and to make a positive impact on prevention and treatment of diabetes. Who makes up the LCDA?

  • Dr. Mona Morstein (ND): Founder and Executive Director
  • Dr. Sage Haggard (ND): Community Outreach Director
  • Dr. Helen Hilts (MD): Director
  • Dr. Angela Johansson (DO, FACOP): Director
  • Dr. Jodi Stanislaw (ND): Vice President, Director
  • Dr. Jared Zeff (ND): Director
  • Zippora Karz: Type 1 Ballerina, Author of “The Sugarless Plum”

Please see their individual biographies below. We hope you will JOIN the LCDA to continue to learn how comprehensive integrative medicine is so successful in diabetes prevention and care. In this way, we can all help to curtail the epidemic of diabetes, and help eradicate the unnecessary tragedy of poorly controlled diabetes.



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